aTuner common FAQ

What can I do with aTuner?

With aTuner, you can change so calles "quality features" very fast and easy. On GeForce- and Radeon-Cards you can alter the antialiasing-mode, the degree of anisotropic filtering, and the VSync-mode. That's of course far less than any other tweaker offers, but aTuner's usability is unique.
In addition, aTuner offers extra panels for further OpenGL- and Direct3D-API-configuration.

What ressources does aTuner take?

On harddisk, only some hundred KB are needed, but aTuner eats about 5-7 MB RAM. With 256 MB or more RAM it's recommended to use aTuner's systray-functionality. As long as aTuner stays in the systray, no benchmark or game is impaired in performance.

Why does aTuner took CPU-cycles, if the tool is minimized in the systray?

From time to time, the program checks if another tool altered the 3D-settings, to refresh the systray-tooltip if necessary. While aTuner stays in systray, it runs with "idle"-priority. That means, only otherwise wasted cpu-cycles are taken by aTuner.

From where did I get aTuner?

aTuners primary host is 3DCenter. The support (in the forum), and also updates are limited to 3DCenter-Websites. A deeplink protection prevents from deep linking from another source.

What does the "a" in aTuner stands for?

Originally, the tool was intended to run on a wide hardware-base, to tune anything. Then the support was limited to GeForce-cards only. Later the support for Radeon-products was added.

Are there any copyrights, I have to keep in mind?

Yes. The tool is compiled with Delphi 5 Professional and "legal". aTuner is intellectual property of Arne Seifert. The personal use of the tool is completely free. Not allowed is:

  • Reverse engeneering
  • Altering of the EXE-file in any way
  • Spreading the tool with more or less or modified files as in the original download.
  • Commercial trade or any form of selling of this product, except with a written permission.

Neither the autor nor 3DCenter guarantee, that the program is qualified for any usage. For possible damages caused by the use, neither the author nor 3DCenter can be prosecuted. The autor assured, that the programm does not contains any destructive or spying functions.

Which hardware, and which drivers are supported?

aTuner needs an installed Detonator/Forceware driver version 23.11 or higher with an adequate GeForce-card, or an installed Catalyst driver version 3.0 or higher with an adequate Radeon-card. The official support is restricted to official Detonator/Forceware-versions only (the drivers from Nvidia).
For the Radeon, only original ATI Catalyst drivers are supported.

Which Windows-versions are supported?

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Some aTuner-Features needs Windows 2000 or XP.

Will there be support for other cards?

The tool is intended to also support the future NV4x-based and R4xx-based product line.

What does the version numbers tell?

The version number is constist of four single numbers. The first two determinates the base version, this is 1.8 now. The third number is increased with every relevant change / update. The last number is the highest supported detonator-version for this release.