aTuner FAQ for Problems

Please read first:

aTuner tries to do not damage the system, even if an error occurred. This is done by the cost of the execution speed, but aTuner is still fast enough to gave the realtime-feeling.

The aTuner-Sys-Info prints the name of the CPU with a false character.

This problem is on aTuner's side, but a pure optical flaw and does not pointing to a faulty CPU.

aTuner says, one have to activate 4x Antialiasing in the detonator control panel.

Please use the current aTuner-version, where this problem is solved.

If one sets the Antialiasing via control panel to "Application controlled", aTuner shows "2x" for the Direct3D-API.

In the current release, this problem should be solved.

aTuner does not detects my graphiccard.

Please copy the error message out of the error-message-window, and post this in the 3DCenter-Tools-Forum.

Why does "VSync default on" does not forces to VSync on?

The only thing that the driver can force, is "off" then. Via driver-tweaking it's not in every case possible to force VSync on.

After aTuner starts, some option boxes are empty.

Please try to click the "Default" button. If this problem persists, please report the problem in our forum gebeten.

I use the aTuner Autostart-option on a multisuser-system.

Deactivate the Autostart-option in the aTuner-Setup, and create an aTuner-link. Add the parameter -autostart in the link. Copy or move this link in your Windows Autostart-folder.

I see only a part of aTuner's application-window.

You zoomed the fontsize in the Windows display properties. Please look in the aTuner's program folder to discover the solution with the zoom.txt-file.